Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Royal Wedding

Don't take my being quiet as a sign of inactivity. Plans are in motion. Details are unfolding. Questions being asked. Lots of questions, actually. We are inching closer to having the procession sorted. Another singer has been procured, it's just a matter of timing. Oh, and what song.

This procession song is going to be the death of me. There are so many I love, and I keep doing that thing where you go 'I love this song' then you listen and remember it's a breakup song. I go through song after song listening to lyrics and how the song makes me feel and didn't I listen to this one already? Then on to whether or not Himself likes it. It's like I'm trying to iron a bra.

With just 8 months left things are going to start gearing up. Heh, that's the first time I've counted it up in a while. Seems like there's no time at all left. There's still so much to do. Breathe. In the meantime there is one thing about the wedding I can share which necessitates me telling the story of why I don't shop for earrings anymore.

My first Christmas with Scott was magical, despite the craziness of two extra roommates we were raising, the stress from the newly formed rift between my parents and me, all while trying to out tap dance the ultimately sinister stalker. Our love was new, though, and it was all I knew. All I could do was to marvel at the majesty of it. This was also when he proposed, beginning our eventual eight year engagement.

There was another gift Scott gave me that Christmas. It was so unexpected, it caught me off guard. He gave me a pair of diamond studs. No one had ever given me diamonds before, and these were my first real studs. Getting jewelry was a new experience. Suddenly I had a ring and earrings like some kind of Liberace. He's been that good from the beginning.

Fast forward 7 years. I have always gone in and out of phases where I wear my earrings. Just the original two standard piercings now, I set an age limit on certain things many years ago. So I hadn't been wearing earrings for a few years and one day while rummaging in the bathroom drawer i found an envelope I knew contained earrings. Thinking about putting some in I dumped them into my palm and looked at them.

When I found my diamond studs it was a surreal experience, like a lost memory coming rushing back into my brain. How had I forgotten them? Or ever stopped wearing them? So I put them in and I always wear them now. The other day Scott saw some earrings at the gettin' place and I thought, no. There is no need for me to ever get any other earrings. These are too special to me, and I'll tell you this for free, when I wear them I secretly feel transformed into exactly what I am, and old Queen in her crown jewels picking up kitty litter at Publix.

Now here is where we get to the wedding, because it dawned on me today that I'm going to be wearing these earrings for the wedding. I'm also going to be adopting what is traditionally a bride's, um, tradition, and using these earrings

One down, three to go.
Does anyone happen to know if blue tattoos count?

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