Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Dangers of Late Night Googling

While waiting for Scott to get home, I concentrated on two things. First, I got going on the wedding inspired story. I'm calling it The Halloween Wedding Tragedy, but that's probably just a working title. No spoilers, but I will say that it's blending science fiction and magic. I've said too much.

Next I tried to think of some alternatives on what to wear. These seem like good ideas. We have jeans and can splurge on the tie or something.

Of course, there's always the timeless lines of the 60's

But I really think that for sheer classic sock it to 'em, one must consider crochet.

I'm sure fiancee is going to agree crochet is the way to go :)

You Just Can't Find A Good Tux With A Drop Seat

Nailed it on drowsy with a chance of brainstorms. Well, I wouldn't quite say brainstorms yet, but the lobes are getting dark and my little grey cells are swirling around. In spite of my computer idea ending up being not feasible at this time, I'm feeling quite fresh and sassy today. I'll go ahead and start pretending I'll write later.

Now, the ideas I'm getting need to be discussed with le fiancee, but with some alterations we might just make this fit. There will need to be a bit of scaling down as well as eliminations, but I'm beginning to see a way to still have a swanky, intimate affair.

One of the biggest things right now is what in the world are we going to wear? Storm lobes are a-rumbling about that one. Time to think outside the teeny tiny wedding box I've been in. Honestly, at this point I'd consider getting married in a Forever Lazy.

It's down to three months. Can I revamp this and make it work? Will we get our rings in time? Will we use battery operated lights to spice up what we wear? Will there still be Jell-o shots? How many decorations can I squeeze out of a penny? Does anyone object to Spametizers? When will I stop just asking questions? After one more. Taco Bell isn't looking so bad now, is it?

Wait, I just got a sudden last minute inspiration of what to wear.

So Get This

A couple of hours after venting to the postmistress, the guest book arrived. This changes nothing about my complaint, because I would've had it yesterday and none of that negative energy would have to have been generated if only they fixed their boxes two years ago. Or a year ago. Or, no, you know what, I'm done.

I'm sitting here and there was a single, tepid tap at the door. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find... a tube. I'll sadly admit that for a fraction of a second I hoped maybe the frame was disassembled inside somehow, but quickly saw the folly there. In the sellers defense, it does say frame not included. I just think it should've been more prominently noted than it was, especially since it was displayed framed. I guess the lemon bars from lemons is that we can choose our own frame. Plus now we need a 4x6 frame for a pretty little sign directing people to sign the "book".

There is a package supposedly coming Saturday, so once again I bet there'll be shenanigans with the post office. Then one more arriving who knows when from China. Can I say China? I never know anymore.

Today was aquarium day, and I just haven't recovered enough to write. I'm also far behind on reading and I need the mental escape, but my brain was in no mood to travel. I was going to try and come up with wedding ideas and explore a computer option I like, but have to discuss it with fiancee. I might actually make it until himself gets home. Ha, I just heard from him and I will see him before I go to bed. That will be a nice treat tonight to help bolster a taxing day.

Tomorrow's forecast: Drowsy with a chance of Brainstorms

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

These Are A Few Of My Frustrating Things

I have lots to say, not sure where to start, most of it isn't fun, so I'll just start with the guest book.

Just got off the phone with a woman claiming to be called "Rain Water" at my post office.

I can only find tiny pictures. Probably because they are so ashamed of themselves. Please for the love of mail do NOT move to the 30309 zip code. They are the biggest cluster of fudgetarts I've ever dealt with. I blessed her out because after having complained 2 years ago that I couldn't get my packages because THEIR package boxes had broken locks, what's been done about it? Not a damn thing. I also felt the need to inform her, since she has only been there a year, how lazy her staff was. Once again the tracking on the guest book said they left a slip and there is no slip anywhere. "Rain Water" promised it would be delivered today, a strange guarantee since she didn't even check my tacking number or get my name. I literally cannot talk about this anymore.


No, not that Mall Madness. Imagine it more like a zombie apocalypse...

With emergency cupcakes

We did get a few things accomplished.

No, besides that

We now know our ring sizes, fiancee is a 10 1/2 and I'm a 12 1/2, narrowly escaping the crafty Persian's sales tactics. So those online ring sizers don't work. We also tried on the shoes, 10 and 13 if your keeping score, so we can order them offline if we choose. There were challenges, such as, in the entire mall you see below, one men's restroom was working. On the opposite end and down two floors from the entrance.

So lastly, we went to check tuxedo rentals, which was no small feat. I've been coming to this mall for over 20 years and I had no idea where it was. The map confused us more, as it seemed to be behind the shoe stores on the plaza level, in the purple "B" section. Those damn stores are outside the mall facing the parking garage nestled among two types of gyms and a police precinct. Actual police, not the Segway Blarts. 

This is where caca got real. 

Four hundred for our two tuxes. Now, I know I haven't rented a tux since I was 7, and I'm pretty sure I didn't pay for it myself, but it seems like ads over the years have not built a realistic idea in my head of what it was going to cost. Oh, and you can be as diplomatic as you want, but pointedly steering us away from the slim fit models left a bad taste in my mouth only Haagen Dazs could take away.

Now we have some tough decisions to make. Bit by bit we are taking away elements of a wedding that was, honestly, far from lavish.I try not to let it get to me. I try not to think how things could have been different if I were straight, because i may have gotten married much younger, having our wedding parents to help. Being straight isn't something I want, it's just that this experience has come to me far later than it should have. 

I suppose at some point every couple has brought up the "E" word. Scrap all or part of it and stop the hemorrhaging. This computer thing has come up. The invitations haven't gone out. All this waiting and fighting that was done, though, just to take 5 minutes out of our day to get it done and out of the way is never what I wanted. Simply, we don't know what's going to happen now, outside of being married. 

This blog will continue. This is about marriage, the process, the ups, the downs, the celebrations and the sacrifices. Also, gay marriage does not end with the ceremony, or reception, or honeymoon. 

Now we just need time to consider plans B, C, and D...

Plan B

Plan C

When all else fails, there's always D

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sizing Things Up

This will be me in a couple of hours

Today we are going to find out exactly how fat various parts of our bodies are. Maybe we should eat Taco bell first, hmmm.

We are off to the mall today for several things. We have to stop by Savvi, the tuxedo rental place, so we can price out two tuxedos, since it's impossible to do online. It would probably be best to wear underwears. 

Since Scott has to try on his shoes I might as well, too. It's been a long time since I wore converse and I love getting x-rayed. 

Then we need to stop in a jewelry store for ring sizes. I haven't known my ring size since my fingers were finger sized.

At some point we have to get bird food, but not before my favorite thing in the mall. I get to eat-in and take-out my lunch and after-lunch.

Maybe there will be some exciting happenings in transit. Maybe not. With or without my favorite meal I fear poor Scott will have to put up with my Taco Bell themed current mood. 

Ring and shoe sizes to come, but don't expect what's in the middle.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Something Blue-Something New

Is it possible to be your own something blue for the wedding? I know It will be a happy day, there are no fears about my desire to marry Scott. It's just difficult sometimes to maneuver the happiness when you have little control emotionally. I have to medicate an hour before bedtime just to keep my sleepy mind from rehashing every worry currently plaguing me. Similarly, when I get up, I need two hours to try and pull myself out of the same worries as well as every doubt and fear I've collected along the way. Nothing is as it seems to me during this time, which is why I have a rule not to write any emails or comments until I've been up for at least two hours. This way my brain wakes up and can filter my messages, guarding against leaving angry or incisive comments, or worse, deciding to send a friendly email to someone I purposely ended contact with. It is, however, the perfect time to to make any complaint calls needed.

Everything so far has been a huge rollercoaster. Right now, after a tummy tickling set of curves and drops, I'm clickity clacking my way up another hill, only to have to car stop halfway.

The vaporizing is on hold. The stupid things were leaking. It was an experiment of volume control as I had to insist they return my money. After several trips to the manager's office, he did indeed give the money back for my vaporizer, and exchanged Scott's, getting most of the money back for his. I'm going to see how his new one functions and if it continues to work well, I may buy the same one. Until then, I'm just trying to cut back on my expensive, little, paper tubes of disappointment.

Then, just when I think that at least things are piecing together, and how maybe it will come together, we get a storm and lightning hits. Suddenly, when I start my computer now, I have to press F1 because it says the battery voltage is low. I don't know how to go into F2 to try and fix it. It may be my imagination, but I think it's effecting performance. My writing is all on an external, but you've got to have something to access it. It's just another one of those things with bad timing, a horribly expensive thingy.

Okay, last of the woe paragraphs and I'll end on something good.

The great news is there are only 98 days left. What worries me most about this is that there are only 98 days left. Back on the good side again, I only have 98 more days to be a nervous wreck (about this). Things are gradually coming together, we'v just reached a point where I'm going to stop hoping for certain things, like having our rings in time. With regular expenses, new ones, potential ones, it's just feeling highly unlikely. It's discouraging when even economical isn't within grasp.

Okay, I promised some good.

The wedding cake topper is beautiful. It's slightly larger than expected, which is fine because we still have time to adjust the cake. It was a good choice on Scott's part. The ink well pen-holder came today. I haven't opened it yet because Scott's still asleep. Everything else besides the handfasting cord has shipped. She makes those to order. She's also a little behind, so it's a good thing we ordered it early.

Last night Scott asked me what else we need to get. There is still quite a list, but I'm going to go through it because I can actually check off some things. Fiancee is off tomorrow and Monday, so I may see if he wants to head to the mall for 3 things. To get prices at the tuxedo rental I can never remember the name of. Savvi, that's it. Also, we need to try on Converse high tops, well Scott does. I have never met anyone who could wear so many shoe sizes depending on the brand. Mine has been the same since I was 13, but I do know they vary. Then we can pop in a jewlery store and verify the Google's method for measuring ring sizes. Oh, and I almost forgot. Taco Bell.

Since we are having troubles finding burgundy shoes, for some reason, we have decided to switch to these.

Okay, Scott is up so I'm going to ease him into his day because he has a long work shift in a couple of hours.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Love Bubbles #9

As I promised, here is something. The bubbles have finished their transformation.

I need to hand pick one. We are going to do a shadow box after the wedding with an invitation, the handfasting cord, some bubbles and other stuff. 

I'm tired and it's just as well. The vaporizer must not have come with a full charge and I've had it charging for over an hour now and I'm not bad, I'm really not, but I feel like losing it is inevitable. Unless I go to bed, so I'm trying to fast track that. Praise Cheeses, Scott is on his way home from work. Now not only to I get to see him before bed, I can vape before bed. And don't forget the Kit-Kat I take for my rheumatiz. 

Saving and Spending the Day Away

At the point we got our new vaporizers, we were both out of cigarettes so we instantly saved $10, or $15 depending on what store.

Things are going well for me. Not a cigarette in the apartment and I'm fine. Fiancee Man is not faring as well at work, but he does have to deal with an insane amount of tomfoolery from a job lousy with nincompoops. By the time we get up tomorrow we will have saved another $15. Oh, and it's healthier, which is almost as good as wealth.

If you remember, I wasn't done shopping, so after Scott left for work I crunched the numbers and made a couple of orders. 

We are going unorthodox for our guest book
Now it can hang instead of it sitting on a dusty shelf 
between the Doctor Who Encyclopedia and
 the guide book to Biltmore Estates

These are the feather ballpoint pen we chose for guests to sign
and an ornate pen holder

This is a small box we are using for shuttling the rings

This box is for safeguarding the handfasting cord

Nothing else to report, oh wait, I do have one more thing, but I'm doing that in a separate post. I need to gorge for a minute on beans & rice with sausage. then I'll be back to show the b.... aaah hahaha, you almost got me to tell you. 

Turning to Vapor

First of all, I haaaaaate window shopping. Wait, first of first of all, expect even more pictures later. I'll be finishing up the bubble bottles today. I got a little side tracked a couple of days ago when my fiancee, Scott, the cat's pajamas, surprised me with a chunk of the wedding budget. This is where I came in.

I hate window shopping. It isn't bad for something big like a wedding, but i'm a get-in and get-out kind of shopper. Usually I know what I want, having researched all my choices online, but it's frustrating because you don't get the money shot. Now,there is a different type of exploratory shopping, such as when you have a long wish list, get some money, and then I have to decide the best combination of stuff to get with what I have on hand.

Two things I did purchase already are the cake topper and our handfasting cord. The cord will have a burgundy ribbon in place of the brown ribbon.

In addition to these delights, I have a cart on Amazon and Etsy, but I will share those purchases after I make them this evening. Before I make the purchase we are leaving (yikes, in 75 minutes) to make a different purchase.

So you hear time and time again that you have to spend money to make money. Utter nonsense sometimes, but in this case it's real. Quitting smoking was a hyper-fiasco, and we are not unfamiliar with vaporizering, so we are off to get kitted up again to end the cigarettes. Vapeing (it will be in the dictionary one day) is cheaper, much cheaper. Doing it together is a double edged sword. We have each other for support, but we also must suffer the little cravings, ours and theirs, and how they make us act. Health and fortune are on the horizon. Maybe even realistically affordable insurance.

Okay, so after we get back I'll know how much I have and can order more wedding goodies. I have some great things in the carts and am very, very excited about them. I'll be back later today with both more news on shopping, as well as a look-see at the finished bubbles.

Now I just need for Scott to get up so we can go, 'cuz mama's only got 4 cigarettes left.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bubbles to Smithereens

Today is Scott's birthday. He just pulled two overnight doubles in a row so it is also catch up on sleep day. I'm finally back to work on the bubbles. Trying to find the right formula of paint to get the look I want. I have my two test subjects on the balcony drying right now. Once I decide what looks best I can finish all of them at once.

The cake debate rages, but both of us are leaning towards cupcakes. A bakery cake is out of the question, and Publix bakery uses some whipped frosting instead of butter cream. We will probably have a small cake, if we do this, to cut at the reception. It's still in talks, so I'll let you know. Oh, we haven't even discussed whether or not to smash cake into each other's faces. Scott isn't keen on things like having a drink thrown in his face, although who is? But he would know it's coming. Or will he? Mwuhahaha.

Wedding favors have recently come up, which is a tough one. We tossed around the idea of making the favors Halloweeny. Maybe while I'm working on the bubble bottles I can shop around for both favors and wedding party gifts. I remember at one of one of my brother's weddings he gave the groomsmen engraved razors. Having always been in the groom's family, I've never known what the girls get. Perhaps a call to my friend Donna is in order. She's been through this a couple of times, and more importantly, like Niecezilla and my friend Stacie, she has her finger on the party pulse. Good ideas for good times. I'll make time to call all three. Wait, I can't ask Donna and Andrea, they're part of it so I'd be asking them what they want me to get them. Stacie it is.

Scott's awake... Back to work

Thursday, July 16, 2015

See There

Everything is still status quo with the wedding plans. Nothing additional in the past two days so I started looking up places I would like to see in New Orleans to add to Scott's list. Last night I got the Kindle out to look at the three books I bought. For some reason, I got three walking tour books, which is good, but so far my list is mostly houses to admire.

Top of my list is Rosegate, the house where the witch books by Anne Rice took place. There are a couple of other houses related to her, such as her childhood home. Mainly I want to see the oldest of the buildings. Go to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop for a drink. Some Gypsy jazz at Spotted Cat. See the statue of Joan of Arc and the French Market. Ride the cemetery streetcar. Check out the supposed haunted of the haunteds.

House of the Anne Rice Mayfair witches

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

Oh yes I did

Ghost of Chicken Man

I want to go to Jackson square and see St. Louis cathedral and the Presbytere. Along those lines I must see the Old Ursuline Convent, and Our Mother Of Perpetual Help Chapel. Also St. Patricks and the museum of art and Besthoff Sculpture Gardens. Then there are places like the Tennessee Williams house, William Faulkner books and the Garden District Book shop. Of course, every day must begin with (insert amount) beignet(s) at Cafe Du Monde.

St. Louis Cathedral

The Presbytere

Old Ursuline Convent

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Chapel

St. Patricks

William Faulkner Books

Tennessee Williams House

1st Breakfast

Cafe Du Monde

I'm sure we will end up having so many things on our list that we won't be able to do it all. I've only got two backup batteries for my camera, but I plan on taking a lot of pics on my phone. I might just share a peek or two of our honeymoon in progress. The outdoor stuff I mean. The public stuff I should say. Better just be safe and say the clothed stuff. 

There is a kink in the plans that has, um, kinked? We have been stymied when it comes to rings. To match or not to match. Stone or no gems. I have an idea that's obviously too crazy to consider, but I finally found something I find special and pretty, as well as Doctor Who related so the design fits me like a slipper. I'm sure Fiancee doesn't want this style, so he would have to find one, matching or not. 

Unfortunately we will have to wait to get them, most likely after the ceremony. The good thing is we have bands already that we've been wearing since Scott first proposed almost 8 years ago. We can exchange those on the day. I feel like it would be better in the long run to end up with what we really want instead of what we can really get this minute.

I promised ups and downs. Wait, did I? Whew, yes, I used those exact words. I'll let you know how it goes, and as always update you on additions to and progress on the plans. I'm leaving you with just a few of what I hear are thousands of sculptures in the Besthoff Sculpture Gardens.