Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Saving and Spending the Day Away

At the point we got our new vaporizers, we were both out of cigarettes so we instantly saved $10, or $15 depending on what store.

Things are going well for me. Not a cigarette in the apartment and I'm fine. Fiancee Man is not faring as well at work, but he does have to deal with an insane amount of tomfoolery from a job lousy with nincompoops. By the time we get up tomorrow we will have saved another $15. Oh, and it's healthier, which is almost as good as wealth.

If you remember, I wasn't done shopping, so after Scott left for work I crunched the numbers and made a couple of orders. 

We are going unorthodox for our guest book
Now it can hang instead of it sitting on a dusty shelf 
between the Doctor Who Encyclopedia and
 the guide book to Biltmore Estates

These are the feather ballpoint pen we chose for guests to sign
and an ornate pen holder

This is a small box we are using for shuttling the rings

This box is for safeguarding the handfasting cord

Nothing else to report, oh wait, I do have one more thing, but I'm doing that in a separate post. I need to gorge for a minute on beans & rice with sausage. then I'll be back to show the b.... aaah hahaha, you almost got me to tell you. 

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