Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What's In A name?

The good news came that the invitations have shipped. They're estimated to arrive on Saturday. Lots of excitement there, and lots of watching the news between here and California for word of a UPS vehicle crashing, spreading deliveries all over the highway. Our invitations could wind up blowing into anyone's hands. It's not that implausible.

Buuuut, the BETTER news is that everyone we asked to be a part of the wedding party said yes. Now I realize the need to rehearse. Maybe Scott and I can get to the park Saturday to scope out our plans so we actually have something to rehearse.

Ideas are coming together for the reception. More like decorating ideas are. We are still coming up with what sort of nosh to serve. I was a bit slack today, but I have to get up early tomorrow so I can have time to go over my notes. We have collected 5 wine bottles to use in decoration. One is a sake bottle. Three Scott got from work, the other two just happened to be hanging around.

Do not get me started on my vows. I can not come up with any ideas. I'd like them to be a surprise, but Scott told me his, so I have to tell him mine. That's settled, tonight I'm going to meditate on it and come up with at least a base idea for vows. I've worked a little in my book but I can't be up too late, so I'll relax and concentrate on vows.

Something else we need is a name for our people. I'm not going to use Best Woman and Maid of Honor. There has to be something else to call them. Maybe it would be one word for both of them. Grovelywhizz? That's not it, but it's close.

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