Monday, July 27, 2015

Sizing Things Up

This will be me in a couple of hours

Today we are going to find out exactly how fat various parts of our bodies are. Maybe we should eat Taco bell first, hmmm.

We are off to the mall today for several things. We have to stop by Savvi, the tuxedo rental place, so we can price out two tuxedos, since it's impossible to do online. It would probably be best to wear underwears. 

Since Scott has to try on his shoes I might as well, too. It's been a long time since I wore converse and I love getting x-rayed. 

Then we need to stop in a jewelry store for ring sizes. I haven't known my ring size since my fingers were finger sized.

At some point we have to get bird food, but not before my favorite thing in the mall. I get to eat-in and take-out my lunch and after-lunch.

Maybe there will be some exciting happenings in transit. Maybe not. With or without my favorite meal I fear poor Scott will have to put up with my Taco Bell themed current mood. 

Ring and shoe sizes to come, but don't expect what's in the middle.

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