Monday, August 10, 2015

The Proposal

At this point I am really beginning to feel the crunch. This is a busy time. I have to drag my ass to the records office for Dekalb county so I can then go to the DMV to get an unexpired license. My jury summons notice is for the 19th. Next month I have the premier of the new season of Doctor Who as well as a special 3D theater event a few days before. I also have not just a regular doctor checkup but also my quarterly Psychiatrist visit.

Everything we ordered has arrived. Saturday morning UPS knocked on the door. Next shipment I'm putting a notice on the door to leave the box instead of knocking until I answer, like every other driver, instead of waking me up. Scott has been working 3rd shift on the weekends. She never gets a signature and it's this one driver who annoyingly does it.

So what I didn't know is that also on Saturday the quill pen for our guest book was delivered in our mailbox. I just went to get it, but haven't opened it. The other package was items for the reception/favors. Without being able to order anything right now, with still so many decisions to make, I more and more ponder when would be a good time to mitigate our damages. I simply don't know if it's going to get done or not, and if not then why not just plan for the big "E" and quit spending money that could be used elsewhere in our lives. If we did, we would already have things we'll never use, why collect more?

There's another issue that has me bummed. I mentioned it last posts about not having discussed it with everyone. Well, I still haven't because I just haven't got a clue as to how to handle it. It deals with the person performing the ceremony. Again, it comes down to money. Maybe if we cut the reception, since most of the money is going there, and it's less than 3 months from now. That could be a sort of "E"2.0

I'm too tired to think about it right now, but something nice did happen over the weekend. Another niece (sister of niecezilla) and Andrea stopped by for a visit. We hadn't seen each other in a while and she's 15 now so it was a bit awkward and nice at the same time. She's more a person now than kid. The great news is that she may be in town for the wedding. Crap, that reminds me of the invitations.

I am bound and determined to end this on a positive note. Okay, got it. I'm going to share an episode from one of my all-time favorite comedies of all time, The Vicar of Dibley. Dawn French plays a vicar in a small village filled with morons and lunatics. Their last season was a series of specials where Dawn's character finally finds love. Another time I will share the wedding episode because it's just priceless.

So, this is my favorite TV proposal. Besides being sweet and heartwarming, it's hilarious to watch the confusion build until clarity finally comes to her as to what's happening. The reason I'm sharing this particular episode is that I introduced Scott to this show not long before he proposed to me, and when he did, I did my impression of Dawn doing her impression of Emma Thompson from Sense & Sensibility. Give it a go, it's a fantastic show, and a peek into our engagement.

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