Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Turning to Vapor

First of all, I haaaaaate window shopping. Wait, first of first of all, expect even more pictures later. I'll be finishing up the bubble bottles today. I got a little side tracked a couple of days ago when my fiancee, Scott, the cat's pajamas, surprised me with a chunk of the wedding budget. This is where I came in.

I hate window shopping. It isn't bad for something big like a wedding, but i'm a get-in and get-out kind of shopper. Usually I know what I want, having researched all my choices online, but it's frustrating because you don't get the money shot. Now,there is a different type of exploratory shopping, such as when you have a long wish list, get some money, and then I have to decide the best combination of stuff to get with what I have on hand.

Two things I did purchase already are the cake topper and our handfasting cord. The cord will have a burgundy ribbon in place of the brown ribbon.

In addition to these delights, I have a cart on Amazon and Etsy, but I will share those purchases after I make them this evening. Before I make the purchase we are leaving (yikes, in 75 minutes) to make a different purchase.

So you hear time and time again that you have to spend money to make money. Utter nonsense sometimes, but in this case it's real. Quitting smoking was a hyper-fiasco, and we are not unfamiliar with vaporizering, so we are off to get kitted up again to end the cigarettes. Vapeing (it will be in the dictionary one day) is cheaper, much cheaper. Doing it together is a double edged sword. We have each other for support, but we also must suffer the little cravings, ours and theirs, and how they make us act. Health and fortune are on the horizon. Maybe even realistically affordable insurance.

Okay, so after we get back I'll know how much I have and can order more wedding goodies. I have some great things in the carts and am very, very excited about them. I'll be back later today with both more news on shopping, as well as a look-see at the finished bubbles.

Now I just need for Scott to get up so we can go, 'cuz mama's only got 4 cigarettes left.


  1. Love the cake topper and the cord. So happy about the smoking. Proud of you both. Should make some for some excellent bridezilla action ! Miss your face

    1. Hold the happy, smoking is a work in progress. Partly because of the bridezilla thing. Miss you too, Chompie