Thursday, July 30, 2015

You Just Can't Find A Good Tux With A Drop Seat

Nailed it on drowsy with a chance of brainstorms. Well, I wouldn't quite say brainstorms yet, but the lobes are getting dark and my little grey cells are swirling around. In spite of my computer idea ending up being not feasible at this time, I'm feeling quite fresh and sassy today. I'll go ahead and start pretending I'll write later.

Now, the ideas I'm getting need to be discussed with le fiancee, but with some alterations we might just make this fit. There will need to be a bit of scaling down as well as eliminations, but I'm beginning to see a way to still have a swanky, intimate affair.

One of the biggest things right now is what in the world are we going to wear? Storm lobes are a-rumbling about that one. Time to think outside the teeny tiny wedding box I've been in. Honestly, at this point I'd consider getting married in a Forever Lazy.

It's down to three months. Can I revamp this and make it work? Will we get our rings in time? Will we use battery operated lights to spice up what we wear? Will there still be Jell-o shots? How many decorations can I squeeze out of a penny? Does anyone object to Spametizers? When will I stop just asking questions? After one more. Taco Bell isn't looking so bad now, is it?

Wait, I just got a sudden last minute inspiration of what to wear.

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