Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flowers in the Gazebo

It might just be the rare optimism I feel from waking up, but I may just saunter down to the park to scope out the gazebo and surrounding area. I need to know the logistics of where to bring guests in and what side we should enter from.

Wait, I just had an idea. We could approach from opposite sides. Now I must share some pictures of the gazebo I got offline so you understand what I mean by approaching from opposite sides then crossing the bridge to the gazebo together.

The middle picture is probably what the area will look like. I'm thinking that if I can keep my momentum up, I can go down and figure things out in advance. Hold up. Need to check the weather. What the hey?!? Rain all week! Actually the real weather is about to come on the news so I'll check it first and then decide. 

I have to run it by Scott, but our footwear may be chosen. Always trying to find ways of slipping in references to my favorite show, Doctor Who, but without going full theme, Andrea came up with wearing tuxes with converse, like David Tennant's Doctor, and bow ties, like Matt Smith's Doctor. 

I'm feeling calmer right now. Went to bed early-ish. I remembered this morning to have non alcoholic drinks at the reception, too. OH... I think I found my vows. Scott reads this, though, so mum's the word.

My big hope for the day, being a Saturday in a public place, is that people will respect our use of the gazebo. If they feel like hanging out and watching it's A-OK with me, but inside the gazebo will be Nan and us in the center, with our friends surrounding us around the gazebo holding bunches of our wedding flowers in a circle.Then they can bring the flowers to the reception, where they become new arrangements. Andrea sent me a picture I love as a possibility.

Well, the weather doesn't look too bad here in the city. I might leave when Scott leaves for work and take some pics and videos of the gazebo. I can take the opportunity to pace out the best parking. You know what? I'm going to wait until we can both go. That way we can bounce ideas off each other.

Right now i have a bunch of puzzle pieces. Today I'm going to see if I can fit some together to begin building the image. Now that the locations and officiant and singer are lined up I can feel secure enough in the date to make a few calls. Pending Scott's approval, I think I want to change the ceremony time from 2 to 3. It's not only 'my number' (shout out to my ocd readers), but I find it more aesthetically pleasing. I know, imagine having to live with me.