Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At night.... The sammiches come...

I had to just stop for a while. I've smoked 7 cigarettes. Wait, is that more than yesterday? 4, I've smoked 4 cigarettes. Let's move on. So I got some book work done, which makes me feel better. Here in the twilight of my day I can report good results.

I spoke with Nan, the officiant. It was good because we hadn't spoken in ages, but she was still her. I've added a place for her to stay on my list. Things are starting to come together. Scott's friend, Sam is going to perform for our procession, which believe you me when you see the video you'll know why I say believe you me.

Flower ideas are starting to get better, and we are switching to more traditional clothes. That's good on the budget, because it's cheaper to rent a tuxedo than it is to buy what we were going to wear. Besides, how often does a girl get to put on a tux? I have to pick someone. Not a best whatever, I have too many bests in my life. But we are each picking someone so there will be one person to hold the rings and one to hold the ties for the handfasting. Scott has a person chosen already as well as some vows, so I'm a tad bit behind there.

I'm just so tired and I want to smoke and we are trying to figure out food and all my mind can conjure up are little triangled deviled ham sammiches with the crusts cut off. I'll just try to pick the pieces up out of the crumbled ruins when I get up tomorrow.

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