Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At night.... The sammiches come...

I had to just stop for a while. I've smoked 7 cigarettes. Wait, is that more than yesterday? 4, I've smoked 4 cigarettes. Let's move on. So I got some book work done, which makes me feel better. Here in the twilight of my day I can report good results.

I spoke with Nan, the officiant. It was good because we hadn't spoken in ages, but she was still her. I've added a place for her to stay on my list. Things are starting to come together. Scott's friend, Sam is going to perform for our procession, which believe you me when you see the video you'll know why I say believe you me.

Flower ideas are starting to get better, and we are switching to more traditional clothes. That's good on the budget, because it's cheaper to rent a tuxedo than it is to buy what we were going to wear. Besides, how often does a girl get to put on a tux? I have to pick someone. Not a best whatever, I have too many bests in my life. But we are each picking someone so there will be one person to hold the rings and one to hold the ties for the handfasting. Scott has a person chosen already as well as some vows, so I'm a tad bit behind there.

I'm just so tired and I want to smoke and we are trying to figure out food and all my mind can conjure up are little triangled deviled ham sammiches with the crusts cut off. I'll just try to pick the pieces up out of the crumbled ruins when I get up tomorrow.

Day Five: Who am I? When am I? Can you hear that smell?

Is this normal, the discombobulation? The haziness? I have no idea what day it is and I have periods where everything is forgotten. Thursday I was working on my book quite vigorously and now when I close my eyes I keep seeing flowers, ukuleles, string lights and jello shots. (seriously, what's the problem with jello shots that are color coordinated)

Things are looking good for the park ceremony and reception at my niece's. My niece, Andrea, did send me a link to some parks closer to her and there is one area I really like. Scott just got up so I'll show it to him soon. Crap, I'm starting to remember things. Hopefully he will text me when he finds out if we have a performer for the procession. This evening the officiant is calling me to discuss details. I let her know that we plan on including a handfasting, which, knowing Nan, she will be prepared for. Scott found a great little ceremony online so I'm going to run it by her.

Oh lord, my caffeine is flowing through my veins and Scott's awake so I'm back in zoom mode. He likes the park near Andrea, who just entitled herself as Niecezilla, so we will see about that location. I like renting it and not having to take a chance on the gazebo in our park being free, of both ceremonies and homeless.

I should make a list for today because I have to call yet a different counties' clerk's office to see if I can get my name change form from over 20 years ago mailed to me. If not, I need to plan a trip this week to go and get it. The one that's been in my wallet since day one can now be legally classified as ticker tape and it's essential to renewing my state I.D. I'm also sure there will be things I will want to discuss with Nan about the ceremony.

Well, looks like the gazebo in the park is still on. In the rules and regulations for the other park they say no musical instruments. Surely someone has married there before with some type of music. One song that she would play on a ukulele or acoustic guitar must be fine. I'm sure they're guarding against musical groups playing a set. I might sick Niecezilla on them to get approval. It's actually two songs, but once you're in, you're in.

I was the youngest child, the closest to a girl, so every time yet another wedding came along in the family I was always on the groom's side of things. It always seemed to me that the womens appeared frazzled as the day approached, but I never understood how they had a thousand decisions to make all at once. Some more than once when things got altered.

I feel ashamed because I have had two cigarettes and haven't even opened my planning book yet. Scott works tonight so no bumming cigarettes then. I can do this. All of it. I'm not alone, and I don't just mean Scott. I have a very special collection of friends who are there for us, any number of which could bring me a cigarette between 5-10 tonight.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Weddinging, Day Four: Everything Falls Apart, or, I'll kill anyone you want for that cigarette

This is hard. I'm not gonna lie, I've had five cigarettes today. Better than 30. I am a complete bundle of nerves, on edge, anxious, dying to pull my hair out, I keep reaching for nothing. Oh, the disappointment when it isn't there. A little tear came out just then. Withdrawal suuuucks. I'd even stab you if you were next to me smoking. You know what, I'm not even thinking straight so let me get to it.

At this moment our location is fluid, the reception location is a different but similar fluid, and the time of the service is pending the drying up of the location pools. This is good. This is fun. It has to be.

We were going to have the service outside of Atlanta in the woods of the north Georgia mountains. After careful thought about our date, it's distance from us, we decided to look closer to home. Our current plan is to marry at the gazebo in Piedmont park with a small reception afterwards by our apartment pool or at my niece's. Personally, I like the idea of my niece's because of the decorating potential.

I'm not giving away what we have in mind for the procession in the park, but we will be able to adapt what I wanted for the woods. Wait, Scott has to ask his co worker to participate. So many hinges right now. Still many questions to be asked. It could all still fall apart. Why do I feel like my bones are chewing their way out of my arms? I'm usually more coherent.

We do have a wedding budget. I'll only tell you what it is if the pictures come out nice. That will help facilitate planning but oh man there's the licence, flowers, invitations, alcohol, our clothes, food, rings, decorations, alcohol, favors, napkins, cake, oh god I could continue. Wait, guess what? I haven't even mentioned the honeymoon. Oh, I know I'm not breaking any news. Maybe one day little gay children can hope to have their parents throw them a wedding. I've had to reign it in and I've just started planning.

This much is happening. We are going to get married on Halloween. Saturday, October, 31, 2015. To be followed by an intimate autumnal reception with canapes, cocktails and orange and grape jello shots. (dont judge) Then we'll be whisked away by ourselves to honeymoon in New Orleans. I'm sure you heard of it. Four months and we still have to decide on one or two cakes, shoes, oh shiiiit I have to get my licence renewed, I need permissions and it's getting late. Oh man, is that cigarette in the ashtray only half smoked?

Behold: The Wedding Book

So, about a week ago we were in Sam Flax getting some art supplies and I kept coming back to this white Moleskin notebook. For some reason I had to have it. When the ruling was handed down and we almost immediately began planning to wed I knew why I had gotten it. You see, I believe in stuff and whatnot.

I got up to a mixed bag. It was earlier than I wanted to get up and I felt awful when I remembered I have a shrink appointment. Miracle of miracles I did get up in time and that's where I am now. 

But I got great news about our desired officiant. A very dear old friend is going to perform the ceremony so I am relieved and happy. I think we've settled on invitations but I'll leave that for when I'm home and I talk about what all has been decided so far. 

Oh, have I mentioned yet that I quit smoking cigarettes yesterday? This dog and pony show ain't paying for itself. Oh yeah. This'll be a breeze. Nothing ahead but smooth sailing.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Diary of a Gay Wedding Begins

     Two years ago, I blogged here about gay marriage and some of the things I wanted to do to prepare for the eventuality of it becoming legal in the United States. Seven years ago my partner proposed to me and I accepted, but it felt like someone pressed the pause button on that portion of our love and we continued on while it remained frozen. Without a definite date, there was no planning for me to do.

     Two days ago the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is to be recognized in all of America. Suddenly, as if I could see a change, our engagement became real, complete with a ticking clock. Everything was different because finally the pessimist in me was quieted and I realized I could actually get married.

     So this is where I will come every day, to share the details of planning a gay wedding on a shoestring budget and the support of some wonderful friends. The ideas are coming and I think we have something special in the works. I will share the ups and downs of changing our minds or something not working out. Three days and I already have one hurdle.

     Tomorrow I'll let you in on the plans so far. My head is so tired it's going into shut down mode. Is groomzilla a thing? Honestly there are times when I'm trying to focus on several things at once. But I am loving every minute of it. Growing up, I saw my brothers weddings come and go, with no hope of having it for myself. Then the other round of weddings for my brothers eventually came. Then a couple more.

     Anyway, my point is not that three people got married eight times before I was able to marry once, it was that I always wanted to plan my own wedding, but never dared to dream so loftily. This is all new territory for me and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and surreal from getting a handle on the idea that this wedding I'm planning is mine. Ours. It's totally for Scott and me. Ours. But for that little girl still in me, it's mine.