Monday, June 29, 2015

Behold: The Wedding Book

So, about a week ago we were in Sam Flax getting some art supplies and I kept coming back to this white Moleskin notebook. For some reason I had to have it. When the ruling was handed down and we almost immediately began planning to wed I knew why I had gotten it. You see, I believe in stuff and whatnot.

I got up to a mixed bag. It was earlier than I wanted to get up and I felt awful when I remembered I have a shrink appointment. Miracle of miracles I did get up in time and that's where I am now. 

But I got great news about our desired officiant. A very dear old friend is going to perform the ceremony so I am relieved and happy. I think we've settled on invitations but I'll leave that for when I'm home and I talk about what all has been decided so far. 

Oh, have I mentioned yet that I quit smoking cigarettes yesterday? This dog and pony show ain't paying for itself. Oh yeah. This'll be a breeze. Nothing ahead but smooth sailing.  

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