Sunday, June 28, 2015

Diary of a Gay Wedding Begins

     Two years ago, I blogged here about gay marriage and some of the things I wanted to do to prepare for the eventuality of it becoming legal in the United States. Seven years ago my partner proposed to me and I accepted, but it felt like someone pressed the pause button on that portion of our love and we continued on while it remained frozen. Without a definite date, there was no planning for me to do.

     Two days ago the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is to be recognized in all of America. Suddenly, as if I could see a change, our engagement became real, complete with a ticking clock. Everything was different because finally the pessimist in me was quieted and I realized I could actually get married.

     So this is where I will come every day, to share the details of planning a gay wedding on a shoestring budget and the support of some wonderful friends. The ideas are coming and I think we have something special in the works. I will share the ups and downs of changing our minds or something not working out. Three days and I already have one hurdle.

     Tomorrow I'll let you in on the plans so far. My head is so tired it's going into shut down mode. Is groomzilla a thing? Honestly there are times when I'm trying to focus on several things at once. But I am loving every minute of it. Growing up, I saw my brothers weddings come and go, with no hope of having it for myself. Then the other round of weddings for my brothers eventually came. Then a couple more.

     Anyway, my point is not that three people got married eight times before I was able to marry once, it was that I always wanted to plan my own wedding, but never dared to dream so loftily. This is all new territory for me and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and surreal from getting a handle on the idea that this wedding I'm planning is mine. Ours. It's totally for Scott and me. Ours. But for that little girl still in me, it's mine.

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