Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bubbles to Smithereens

Today is Scott's birthday. He just pulled two overnight doubles in a row so it is also catch up on sleep day. I'm finally back to work on the bubbles. Trying to find the right formula of paint to get the look I want. I have my two test subjects on the balcony drying right now. Once I decide what looks best I can finish all of them at once.

The cake debate rages, but both of us are leaning towards cupcakes. A bakery cake is out of the question, and Publix bakery uses some whipped frosting instead of butter cream. We will probably have a small cake, if we do this, to cut at the reception. It's still in talks, so I'll let you know. Oh, we haven't even discussed whether or not to smash cake into each other's faces. Scott isn't keen on things like having a drink thrown in his face, although who is? But he would know it's coming. Or will he? Mwuhahaha.

Wedding favors have recently come up, which is a tough one. We tossed around the idea of making the favors Halloweeny. Maybe while I'm working on the bubble bottles I can shop around for both favors and wedding party gifts. I remember at one of one of my brother's weddings he gave the groomsmen engraved razors. Having always been in the groom's family, I've never known what the girls get. Perhaps a call to my friend Donna is in order. She's been through this a couple of times, and more importantly, like Niecezilla and my friend Stacie, she has her finger on the party pulse. Good ideas for good times. I'll make time to call all three. Wait, I can't ask Donna and Andrea, they're part of it so I'd be asking them what they want me to get them. Stacie it is.

Scott's awake... Back to work

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