Thursday, July 9, 2015

17 Seconds In Heaven

First things first. I'm experiencing more frustration about something than I might ordinarily. You see, it appears, according to tracking, they attempted to deliver the invitations today. Computer says no. It said they left a slip and to follow the instructions on it, but someone out there is running around with pants 'o' fire tonight. This is where the elevated frustration comes in. We live in apartments with closed gates at night. There was no slip on our door, in the mailbox, on the leasing office door or at the call box of either gate.

As a quick history, I have had issues with our post office because I complained two years ago that the locks on the package mail boxes were broken. If the leasing office is closed, they have nowhere to put it. Heaven forbid they come to my door. Now I have to call the post office in the morning and they are NOT going to like it. If the invitations are there I may just have them hold them and go pick them up. It's a pain on public transportation but I need to get the stamps anyway. I wish they were open after dark. Have any of you experienced a sultry, frothy-aired Atlanta summer? Everyone begins to cook and go all cuckoo. Sometimes you get a bit of cabaret with your bus/train ride.

Now let me change topic because I have to let that go for now. We are one bottle away from having our collection of candle holders. I'm going to revisit my vows tonight and see what I come up with. 

The big news, though, that I mentioned last time, the news being overshadowed by the invitation kerfuffle with potential for crisis, the big, big news is (do do do do) we named our people. Sam, who will carry the rings is to be called the Eternity Bearer. Rena, who is going to be the keeper of the handfasting cord will be known as the Infinity Bearer. 

Oh good grief. Now I see that Andrea can't just be called the flower girl. I guess I need to make a program of featured players so all this naming doesn't go to waste, because maybe now Donna should be something more than simply that woman who is singing when they first dance. Any chore to distract me from my vows.

I informed Scott that we should start practicing our kiss. He giggled, and it may sound silly, but we need to decide what we do and don't want to do. There's a certain viral video I'm thinking of. Sure, they never had kissed, bless, but it shows how one can get carried away in a moment. I really thought one of them was going to die. Duration is important, too. I personally don't think the kiss should last any longer than 17 seconds, but I can be a bit of a prude when it comes to pda's

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