Friday, July 10, 2015

Back From There Again: A Schlep It Tale

Here is a glimpse into today's journey to retrieve the invitations from the clutches of the postpeople, and it's soundtrack.

Light summer bag for a heavy summer day

I wish I had my shadow's shirt

I like this seat for the foot room and the view
No shenanigans today :(

Midtown arrival
Right about here I have to pee

The blue awning beckons

Targets acquired

The bus was watching and judging me for having a smoke

Ride the peach, but never touch the glass

Appointment next to The Temple
So Jewish they didn't have to name it

20 minutes early to the paper shuffling
Time enough to finish watching this man sniff Jell-o

Minutes from journey's end
Looks like Scott's boss bought some pinwheels

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