Friday, July 3, 2015

Now In Glorious Technicolor

Here it is, a first look at our wedding colors (with a possible hint as to attire)
I hereby announce: Champagne & Burgundy

Anything in the neighborhood of burgundy may have to do. Wine, Claret, Plum, Maroon. I'm having a problem locating the burgundy Converse high tops in our sizes. 

I had a nice couple of days regrouping. I really got overwhelmed. I thought for sure I was only whelmed, but boy was I wrong. Now I think I have a handle on the plans. Time to start making them all happen. (possibly the invitations first?)

One thing I will focus on is vows. My vows were all wrong for Scott's vows. I didn't think we were going so vowy. Time to exercise the little grey cells. 

And lastly, for now, I'll share these great ideas Andrea found to help insert a little charm in the proceedings.



Happy Fun Time Wishes

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