Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Brace Yourself Effie - Part One Supplement: What Is Phoenix & Dragon?

To simply say that Phoenix & Dragon is a metaphysical bookstore does it injustice. They have been an Atlanta area institution for self-help/spirituality/empowerment for as long as I can remember. In addition to products like crystals, candles, incense, books, statuary, jewelry, essential oils, and gifts, they have classes and psychics and cats wandering the floors. The store always smells awesome and is such a tranquil store in which to shop.

They truly have something for everyone, from Christianity to Buddhism to Wiccan, as you can see by the pics I took that doesn't do their inventory justice.

DISCLAIMER: Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore have not compensated or even asked for my endorsement of their store. Besides the big news, it remains the best location for locations of this type, in terms of both supply and prices.

The pictures you are about to view may or may not represent your personal visual experience you have when you visit the store.

Dancing lights greet you

That broom is everything

The good, the bad and the smelly

More candles? Sure

Pick a gem, any gem

So, you might be wondering now more than before what in the world this store has to do with the big announcement. It's possible I've left something out. Find out at 5pm Eastern time!!!


  1. One hour and twenty one minutes. I will be waiting

    1. Tick Tock...I actually just finished it :)