Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Brace Yourself Effie - Part Two: Location, Location, Location

Well, this is the big moment and I'm not going to drag it out any longer... We have moved the location of the ceremony from Piedmont park to the sacred space behind Phoenix & Dragon. (told you I left something out)

This is great news because, among other reasons, the parking will be soooo much better than at the park. Also, the space is reserved, unlike the gazebo, so I can relax about that. It isn't even going to cost any more than the park! It's more central to all guests. Handicapped accessible (how you doin' dustin) with some benches, and they are even going to hold a room inside in case it rains, but I can't.. wait. One last time, then I have to stop saying this before I jinx it. I can't remember the last time it rained on Halloween.

The best part is nothing else has to change (although there's one issue I'll discuss after it's been discussed with all parties)

OH, I haven't told you yet. We got the handfasting cord in the mail! It's gorgeous.

Here are the pictures of the space I was holding back. It's petite and bijou, as far as weddings, but perfect. Funny thing is, this was Himself's first choice, I just didn't think it would be feasible, boy was I wrong.

Remember the lighter tree on the right, with so much trunk showing

On the right side there is a path

The bridge at the path leads to where she wants us to park
I do have one closer spot at the store reserved for a special guest
A nice "Wedding" sign I found will go here, too

The path is gravel with a small bridge at the corner
Wheelchairs can enter through the store and onto the deck

The bridge crosses a small pond with trickling water
Then a slate path to this side of the deck. You can see one of the benches
The ceremony will be to the right, which is raised

The rest of the deck, procession space, etc
There is that big tree from before

This is that raised space where we will stand
Not sure what we will do with the birdcages but she said to tell her if we want them
I haven't even begun to think decorations

When I took this I had no idea there were fish in it. 
This is between the bridge and where we will stand

So there you have it, folks. The biggest change so far is easy peasy. Ha! except we have to order new invitations toot sweet so they can immediately go in the mail. An acceptable loss, and now we have the old invitations to reminisce about with our grandcats.

The topper was on our journey home, at the transfer of the buses. I spied someone prancing through the intersection and chuckled until I realized who it was. Baton Bob is an institution here, prancing through Midtown in short shorts, flouncy or sparkling attire, and usually some type of fascinator atop his head. The constants are his baton and whistle. Leading a marching band of one, he bestows good will on motorists and pedestrians with his twirling skills and model poses. I had never seen him this far into Buckhead before, and it was the closest I've ever gotten to him.

Baton Bob recently got married, and like the antithesis of a black cat crossing our path, I see this as a good omen for our nuptials.

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