Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Brace Yourself Effie - Part One: The Tease

The big announcement I've been teasing is coming today in part two of this post at 5pm Eastern time. Let me go back to Monday and lead you to the scene of the reveal. We got up late because we started playing DC Universe Online again and I set my alarm for 12am not 12pm. Without my usual 2 hours to wake up fully, things began normally with the exception of attempting a force wake.

It had the potential for a good day, so it was easy to ready ourselves for our two-bus journey.

This is how we roll on the bus

We traveled through Buckhead, after crossing to the right side of the tracks, and enjoyed the new look that it took them years of construction to complete, with beautiful results.

After disembarking on Peachtree at Piedmont, we waited for the second leg of our journey to begin.

My other kitchen is a Porsche

The next part of the trip took us to Roswell road where we switched to suburban view. It's not a bad trip, and it brings us to one of our favorite places to shop, or even just browse, Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore.

This is where I leave you wondering how this plays into a big wedding announcement until part two at 5pm. Ain't I a stinker?

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