Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Progress, part two: Park It

Today we went into Midtown and scoped out the park. It was hot and humid but pretty to look at. We took one of my favorite entrances, down 14th street. On our walk I found some good places to snap off some shots out of architectural appreciation.

I can't believe I've never seen this before

This is like an architecture collage

Buildings in buildings

Go home building, you're drunk

They spelled it wrong

The park was great, mostly in the shade. They've added some things and we scoped out the pavilion and bandstand in case of a rain emergency on the day. My fiancee insisted on being in a shot I got my finger in while trying to get him back for sneaking a pic of me.

We were reminded of how close some bathrooms are to the gazebo, of course they're park bathrooms, but it won't be a long ceremony. I took some shots from the side of the gazebo we will emerge from, one from the guest's side, most without a finger in the shot.

Where's Gazebo?

*considers jumping

Afterwards, we rounded things off by checking out the docks then the 10th street entrance, which is where the closest parking is. 

Once again the finger photobomb

My plan is to include a map of the park with the invitations. There is a lot of free parking along 10th and on the side streets across from the park. Then whichever entrance they use, they can find us.

Now I am full of delicious shrimp etouffee Scott was inspired to make in anticipation of our honeymoon trip. I think he should call it Fiancee's etouffee. Did you guys know Scott is a chef? Yeah, you got me now.

The best thing about today, for me, was getting to do it with my fiancee. 

Now, before I go, I know what you have all been thinking this entire time. Aren't those the same shirts they wore to Niecezilla's on Saturday? Well, yes, as a matter of fact they are. You wanna do something about it? Those are outside shirts. Good for 2 or 3 uses. If you don't like that then yesterday was laundry day.

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