Thursday, July 9, 2015

The news so big he forgot


We will be whisked away on the majestic Megabus with 8 hours to our destination. That should be enough time to become embroiled in a chilling murder mystery/can't stop the bus thrill ride like in Dame Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. I should be able to unveil the killer by our arrival in...

New Orleans. Where we will stay at the fairly priced for a hotel we will just sleep in Best Western Plus Landmark French Quarter. There are so many things we want to do. Besides food, though, there are tons of attractions. Plus I love to go off the beaten path. Find out where the locals eat. If it's their home, invite ourselves over. A plantation must be seen, but I promise not to look at the naughty bits. A river boat would be fun, but no gambling. Perhaps there'll be another killing on the riverboat and I''ll gather clues by listening in the windows from the deck, like in Dame Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile.

Get ready for pictures, with lots in cemeteries. I'll have to upload my pics to one of those places people go to look at other people's pictures. I feel so old when I talk about the internet now. I think my 3 year old great-nephew just created an app.

Of course, what would New Orleans be if not a witchy city. I want to see Anne Rice's house, or the one from Witching Hour if she moved. Do you voodoo? Cuz voodoo they got. You can voodoo without being voodoo. You can get voodoo variety. Personally, I have attained a few snippets of hair that I've been itching to put to use.

Scott can already taste a Hurricane. Nights will be fun, but I hope we go to a variety of places, not just the gay bars that are beginning to look more and more like nurseries to me. It will be fun to see what the gay boys are out dancing to these days. Whether or not they are paying homage to their roots. I fear I'll grow weary of their ways. Good thing is, in New Orleans, if you don't like one bar, you can literally barrel roll into another. Plus there are those basement blues clubs, all closed in and intimate. I wonder if they're still all smoky?

Time to break out the New Orleans travel books I got when we started going 2 years ago. Good thing it will be after Halloween. It might be a good idea to take sweatpants. I just remembered the beignets.

Take a looksee at our hotel...

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