Thursday, July 30, 2015

So Get This

A couple of hours after venting to the postmistress, the guest book arrived. This changes nothing about my complaint, because I would've had it yesterday and none of that negative energy would have to have been generated if only they fixed their boxes two years ago. Or a year ago. Or, no, you know what, I'm done.

I'm sitting here and there was a single, tepid tap at the door. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find... a tube. I'll sadly admit that for a fraction of a second I hoped maybe the frame was disassembled inside somehow, but quickly saw the folly there. In the sellers defense, it does say frame not included. I just think it should've been more prominently noted than it was, especially since it was displayed framed. I guess the lemon bars from lemons is that we can choose our own frame. Plus now we need a 4x6 frame for a pretty little sign directing people to sign the "book".

There is a package supposedly coming Saturday, so once again I bet there'll be shenanigans with the post office. Then one more arriving who knows when from China. Can I say China? I never know anymore.

Today was aquarium day, and I just haven't recovered enough to write. I'm also far behind on reading and I need the mental escape, but my brain was in no mood to travel. I was going to try and come up with wedding ideas and explore a computer option I like, but have to discuss it with fiancee. I might actually make it until himself gets home. Ha, I just heard from him and I will see him before I go to bed. That will be a nice treat tonight to help bolster a taxing day.

Tomorrow's forecast: Drowsy with a chance of Brainstorms

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