Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day Five: Who am I? When am I? Can you hear that smell?

Is this normal, the discombobulation? The haziness? I have no idea what day it is and I have periods where everything is forgotten. Thursday I was working on my book quite vigorously and now when I close my eyes I keep seeing flowers, ukuleles, string lights and jello shots. (seriously, what's the problem with jello shots that are color coordinated)

Things are looking good for the park ceremony and reception at my niece's. My niece, Andrea, did send me a link to some parks closer to her and there is one area I really like. Scott just got up so I'll show it to him soon. Crap, I'm starting to remember things. Hopefully he will text me when he finds out if we have a performer for the procession. This evening the officiant is calling me to discuss details. I let her know that we plan on including a handfasting, which, knowing Nan, she will be prepared for. Scott found a great little ceremony online so I'm going to run it by her.

Oh lord, my caffeine is flowing through my veins and Scott's awake so I'm back in zoom mode. He likes the park near Andrea, who just entitled herself as Niecezilla, so we will see about that location. I like renting it and not having to take a chance on the gazebo in our park being free, of both ceremonies and homeless.

I should make a list for today because I have to call yet a different counties' clerk's office to see if I can get my name change form from over 20 years ago mailed to me. If not, I need to plan a trip this week to go and get it. The one that's been in my wallet since day one can now be legally classified as ticker tape and it's essential to renewing my state I.D. I'm also sure there will be things I will want to discuss with Nan about the ceremony.

Well, looks like the gazebo in the park is still on. In the rules and regulations for the other park they say no musical instruments. Surely someone has married there before with some type of music. One song that she would play on a ukulele or acoustic guitar must be fine. I'm sure they're guarding against musical groups playing a set. I might sick Niecezilla on them to get approval. It's actually two songs, but once you're in, you're in.

I was the youngest child, the closest to a girl, so every time yet another wedding came along in the family I was always on the groom's side of things. It always seemed to me that the womens appeared frazzled as the day approached, but I never understood how they had a thousand decisions to make all at once. Some more than once when things got altered.

I feel ashamed because I have had two cigarettes and haven't even opened my planning book yet. Scott works tonight so no bumming cigarettes then. I can do this. All of it. I'm not alone, and I don't just mean Scott. I have a very special collection of friends who are there for us, any number of which could bring me a cigarette between 5-10 tonight.

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